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The Hamraaz is an official website for Indian Army personnel to access important service information. Hamraaz stands for “compatriot” or “friend” in Hindi Language. This portal aims to ease certain essential tasks for armed forces members.

What is Hamraaz Login?

Hamraaz is a web portal developed by the Indian Army’s technical team from the Adjutant General’s Branch (MP-8). It allows Indian armed forces personnel to view their service records and salary details online.

The key features of Hamraaz Login include:

  • Accessing monthly pay slips
  • Downloading Form 16 tax documents
  • Viewing details of promotions and postings
  • Checking leave and pension status
  • Lodging complaints and grievances
  • Getting updates on funds and reimbursements

This platform aims to improve communication and transparency between the defence administration and army personnel. It is an important tool for all military staff in India.

Who Can Access the Hamraaz Payslip?

Hamraaz is exclusively for Indian Army personnel. It requires registration and login access which is restricted to soldiers serving the armed forces.

Civilians cannot access or register on this website. The use of Hamraaz services is limited to active and retired army staff only.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register on Hamraaz

Follow these steps to register as a new user on the Hamraaz portal:

Visit the Official Website

Go to the official Hamraaz website https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/. Click on “Hamraaz Personal Login” on the homepage.

Click on Sign Up

On the login page, click the “Sign Up” button to begin registration as a new user.

Enter Details

Provide your name, Indian Army number, PAN card number, email ID and mobile number in the form.

Create Password

Create a password for your Hamraaz account. Follow the password guidelines provided.

Complete CAPTCHA

Enter the CAPTCHA code displayed to verify you are not a robot.

Submit Details

Double check all provided information and click submit to complete registration.

You will get a confirmation message once your Hamraaz account is created.

How to Login to Hamraaz?

Follow these steps to login once you have registered on the Hamraaz website:

Visit Website

Go to the Hamraaz portal https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/ and click on “Hamraaz Personal Login”.

Enter Credentials

On the login page, enter your registered username and password. Your username is your PAN card number.

Complete CAPTCHA

Enter the CAPTCHA code shown to confirm you are a genuine user.

Click Login

Verify all details entered are correct and click the “Login” button.

Once logged in, you will be able to access the Hamraaz dashboard and all available services.

Key Features Available on Hamraaz

Here are some of the key features army personnel can access after logging into Hamraaz portal:

1. Download Pay Slips

  • View monthly salary slips
  • Download as PDF files
  • Password protected slips

2. Form 16 for Income Tax

  • Download Form 16 TDS certificates
  • Required for filing IT returns

3. Promotion Orders

  • Get updates on promotion approvals
  • View promotion order letters

4. Transfer & Posting Orders

  • Details on transfer approvals
  • Official posting order copies

5. View Leave Status

  • Check annual and sick leave balance
  • Apply for new leave online

6. Pension Status

  • View latest pension amount
  • Check pension account details

7. Grievances & Complaints

  • Submit complaints & concerns
  • Track status of issues raised

Importance of Hamraaz for Army Personnel

The Hamraaz portal offers many benefits for army personnel:

  • Easy access to personal service records like salary, pension, promotions etc. in one place
  • Reduced paperwork as details are available digitally without physical documents
  • Transparency in operations and direct communication between staff and administration
  • Time savings from online services instead of offline processes
  • Convenience of accessing details remotely from any location

Hamraaz enables soldiers to get their work done faster without logistical hurdles. It is an essential platform for all defence employees in India to utilize.


The Hamraaz Login serves as a digital interface between the Indian Army and its personnel. It enables soldiers and officers to view their service records conveniently online.

Users must register on the website using their PAN and army ID to access facilities like pay slips, tax forms, transfers orders and more. Hamraaz improves efficiency, reduces paperwork and enhances transparency for the armed forces.

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